Investment Management
An Innovative Approach To Preserving and Growing Your Family Wealth
Together with our investment managers, we utilize more than 20 economic and financial indicators, as well as years of experience and historic data to help forecast the future financial environment.

In 2008, market volatility indicators were reached and for those clients impacted their portfolios were moved to cash.

We help ensure that you are not overweight in select sectors, industries, or classes by analyzing the underlying investments of your total portfolio.

Our experience and knowledge provide keen insight into tax law that can impact the return of your portfolio goals and implementation of them.

Prior to restructuring any of our client portfolios, a complete tax cost analysis can be done in conjunction with a full tax analysis of their prior year personal return to ensure we maximized the benefit of moving our clients in that direction.
Personal Expertise Combined with a Comprehensive Quantitative Analysis
Add Value with Oracle Capital Strategies

Advanced estate planning techniques combined with proper investment analysis provide for the optimal wealth transfer to the next generation. Our professionals have over 80 years of knowledge and experience in this area alone.

Prompt answers to complex wealth transfer, tax, and business questions for executives, business owners, and high net worth individuals

  • Those clients who own or run companies have requirements that impact their personal financial goals and strategies.
  • The ability to structure your personal financial goals, investment portfolio, and business events into one tax efficient, low risk, comprehensive personalized investment policy sets us apart from the competition.

Oracle Capital Strategies
provides the required capabilities essential for wealth management excellence: progressive ongoing education, operations excellence, business-building expertise, business risk management, thought leadership and an implementation process.
Independent Third-Party Custodian: The Foundation of a Strong Relationship
Pershing (an Affiliate of the Bank of New York Mellon) is the custodian of all our investable assets.
  • This is especially important given our current financial environment including wide swings in the market and investor fraud.
  • This relationship not only provides our clients with the security and benefit of independent control and authority, but a vast list of money managers that enhance our ability to offer alternative investment strategies.

We sit on the same side of the table as our clients when reviewing asset allocations, money managers and other strategic financial decisions.

  • We are independent advisers with expertise, providing full disclosure, with access to multiple money managers and financial products.
Oracle Capital Strategies is exceptionally well equipped to handle the management of trusts and the settlement of estates.

  • We complete a thorough analysis of the governing instrument to determine the responsibilities and powers of the trustees.
  • We perform an initial investment review with the co-trustees or advisers to assess the current asset holdings.
  • We determine the appropriate investment objectives and establish the overall asset allocation to meet those objectives.
  • We serve as trustee or co-trustee for many different kinds of trusts, including revocable living trusts, irrevocable testamentary trusts, charitable remainer trusts, and irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILIT).
  • We calculate annual distributions for GRATs.
  • We perform necessary trust administration and compliance functions such as preparing trust tax returns, providing trust accounting reports, delivering annual accounting to beneficiaries, and issuing crummy letters.

In addition to the detailed attention given to each trust, a committee review is conducted at least annually. The reviews focus on the needs and opportunities of the beneficiaries, the account objective, investment performance, a review of the individual holdings, the current investment outlook and the expenses of administration and management.

Our professionals have many years of experience in delivering the specialized service very large and complex trusts and estates demand.
Fixed Income Management
Oracle Capital Strategies seeks to provide clients with fixed income securities for their portfolios in order to potentially provide more stable, predictable cash flows and to preserve capital. We design each client’s portfolio to satisfy the need for either taxable or tax-exempt income.

Commitment to high credit quality is a critical factor in Oracle Capital Strategies’ investment philosophy. Low quality bonds may offer higher yields with additional risk. As the market recovers from a recession, this asset class can be attractive as long as inflation factors are addressed.

Since it is difficult to predict interest rate movements, we concentrate on identifying value in individual securities, sectors of the market, and maturities. Our goal is to take advantage of inefficiencies along the yield curve while providing the potential for higher cash flow and investment return.
In general, the bond market is volatile as prices rise when interest rates fall and vice versa. This effect is usually pronounced for
longer-term securities. Any fixed income security sold or redeemed prior to maturity may be subject to a substantial gain or loss.

The investor should note that vehicles that invest in lower-rated debt securities (commonly referred to as junk bonds) involve
additional risks because of the lower credit quality of the securities in the portfolio. The investor should be aware of the
possible higher level of volatility, and increased risk of default.